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 How shit rolls downhill.
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Posted - 01/10/2017 :  03:56:20 AM  Show Profile  Send DJaye an AOL message Send DJaye a Private Message  Reply with Quote
A while back, I took a stance about how a state being ' too blue ' was a problem. All the Democrats complained and told me I should ' get the fuck out '. Andrew Cuomo himself in a speech stated theres no place for people like myself in the ' State ' of ' New York '.

I started using the term ' Leftist Pig ' and I still use it today in quite a few regards. Heres why.

We all know what a ' lemming train ' is. They all follow each other off the cliff and dont even give it a second thought.

This happens in Politics and ( unfortunately ) its not ever for the betterment of all.

The ' Peoples Republik of New York ' is the closest thing to what a communist state would look like in a western setting.

Everything is taxed, everything is regulated. If you dont agree with ' them ', they will do malicious things to your property and start the gossip train on you. Hell, they might even call the FBI and say your looking to do something terrible..

The main problem is, when one state that is ' too blue ' starts a freight train of driving out those whom dont agree with them, OTHER states see this and say ' we should do the same! '.


"Ferguson, a Democrat who easily won re-election in November, said the definitions of “assault weapon” used in his bill are similar to those used in laws in New York and Connecticut that withstood legal challenges."

Heres the REAL problem :

The folks in the State of Washington get like 200 days a year of rain. They dont have a wall-street or a ' broadway '. They dont have a hockey team ( let alone 3 ). They have a different mindset and lifestyle.

They AG from WA State is taking another leftists work and photo-copying it and shoving it down the people of Washington's throats. They guy won re-election by a great margin and feels he can do whatever he wants.. same as Andrew Cuomo.

What I do know is there are MANY people in NY that own rifles and will not register them as the ' NYSAFE Act ' requires by law. MANY people told Andrew to fuck himself by not doing such. Many Sherriffs have stated they will NOT enforce that law and one even stated he would arrest Cuomo if he ever came to his county! ( Sidenote: Cuomo has NOT gone to said county as the threat of arrest is VERY REAL! ).

Cuomos ' friends ' and Aides are in hot water right now with swindling the ' Buffalo Billions ' money. Im really hoping Trump gets an Atty Gen that will prosecute these people and let us LAW ABIDING folks keep our property as the Constitution states.

Washington State.. WAKE THE FUCK UP! You do NOT want to become nor resemble the ' Progressive New York State ' in any way, shape or form. Have some dignity and be different and think on your own. Vote in people whom represent YOU, not have some crony copy more leftist-manefesto from another progressives state.

What does ' factory ' mean?

Wise words : "To me a day that goes by that you learn nothing is a day that was basically wasted. " -Zoom, Admin GE.
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